About Alt.Kilt

Since its conception in early 2006, Alt.Kilt has made a point of being personal. Each kilt I sell is made by me from start to finish - from the pre-washing of the fabric to hand sewing the buttons. From our humble beginnings in Madison, WI, I have spent time and effort to create a handsome product that fulfills the needs and wants of our worldwide customer base. We listen to feedback and spend countless hours perfecting our kilts.

I appreciate your interest in Alt.Kilt and our kilts and I thank you for your patronage.

Regina Davan
As a part-time creator and a full-time seamstress, I have tried to make things as flawless as possible. I graduated from UW-Madison with a B.A. in Costume Technology and have been sewing solo for many years. My clients range from individuals with custom pieces to commercial avenues with distinct guidelines and images. I am happiest when my work reflects my passion, the creation of something new.

-- From a profile piece done on Alt.Kilt --

Building kilts for a career was never in my game plan but a lot of things can conspire to put you someplace unexpected. That being said, I love my work.

I had gone back to college as an adult single mom with two young kids to study biology with a focus on mycology. During my second semester of college, my two year-old son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I had to stay in school to keep our insurance but had to have classes that I could handle around his chemo, so I dived into theater and found a passion in Costume Technology. I started the kilt path on a lark, with someone asking me to make them a kilt based on a popular company's product and after I deconstructed their style, I quickly found my own. I made changes to make it my own product and put the word out.

There was this huge demand - a gap to file in a tiny market and I dove in (without really knowing what I was doing or getting in to). Some companies charge more based on size - I decided right away not to do that because it felt like discrimination. Most kilt places have about 4-5 standard designs and offer them in 2-3 fabrics at any time. I decided to offer anything I could think of and everything my customers could dream up. Other places use a standard fit ratio and will not deviate from it (happens when you are making hundreds of kilts in factories). I decided to make kilts that fit every body shape that came along. What I really decided that Alt.Kilt would do... was to never say no.

I launched big with my art kilts - specifically my Steampunk kilts and have been going strong since then. I make all my kilts every step of the way - from washing the fabric to sewing on the buttons and it never gets old. One at a time, I get to focus on the individual order and make something unique for my customer. My art kilts are my passion - something truly one of a kind - with hand painted distress-work and hardware. (I love shopping for hardware - it is an addiction). Alt.Kilt is the only kilt company out there that makes custom handmade contemporary kilts - and we have shipped over 275 kilts worldwide this year alone.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and I just launched our new Kilted for Kids' Cancer Campaign. This is our long term dedication to give back to an organization that helped our family through the painfulness of Leukemia treatment - Give Kid's The World Village. For the rest of the month, as we pay it forward, Alt.Kilt is giving away free custom kid kilts! We are accepting donations as well, but *none* is required to get a free kilt. http://www.altkilt.com/cancer

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