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Welcome aboard!

We have been growing here at Alt.Kilt and it is amazing! Business has been wonderful and I have been having a ton of fun working with each of you to build you the perfect kilt. But I haven't been able to do it alone anymore and so we have added some very important new staff.

Lin is my in shop sewing assistant and her work is incredible. She is a joy to have around and is keeping me on my toes! We have been implementing some of her ideas for new ways to sew some of our classic design elements and I really appreciate her innovation.

Marc is our new Office Manager and is now in charge of our customer communications. He is a talented and skilled at a huge variety of tasks and has been a life saver! He has taking over all the spreadsheets and date wrangling needed to make this business run smoothly and I really appreciate all of his hard work.

We also use a trio of stitchers who do pleating work at home. This allows for all the custom sizing and finishing work to be done at the shop by Lin and myself, speeding up the process and the time needed to get your order to you.

There have been a few delays and growing pains as we have expanded in size from a one person shop to 6 of us working hard. I really appreciate your continued support and understanding. As these wrinkles get ironed out, we are working smart and faster to better serve our customers. Last year, I finished and shipped about 300 kilts and I am projecting that with my new staff, we are looking at about 500 kilts in 2014!

Leather Couture: Custom Built Kilts and Accessories

Thanks to all of our fans and supporters, we have successfully funded this Kickstarter! The new machine and leather has been added to the shop and things are really rolling. As soon as all the rewards are out to the backers, we will be adding leather kilts and all the new accessories to our regular store for purchase.


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