Gentleman's Pockets


The Gentleman pockets are a classy addition to any steampunk outfit. With three generous pockets stacked on one another, there is plenty of room for everything - wallet, keys, pocket watch. They hang from belt loop to thigh with an adjustable strap to hold it in place.

Made of 100% cotton and featuring antique brass hardware - ranging from the rotary clasps, swing lock, and rivets to coachman's loops and buckles.

The top pocket has loops on the back to fit on any belt up to 3" in width. Total length is 17" and the thigh band is 26" around at its loosest point.

This is a Made to Order product which means it is available in multiple colors and hardware. Standard fabrics are spice (as shown), dark brown and black. Hardware is available in antique brass, gold and nickel. Gentleman pockets are also available with a distressed finish, as also shown above in the detail shots.

Please contact me about any other custom fabric choices and I will be happy to see what I can do for you.

Price: $50.00

Please select a color from the standard list, or contact us first for special requests.