Hired an Assistant.


Regina Davan - OwnerRegina Davan - OwnerUp until this point, I have been the sole employee of Alt.Kilt. I sew every kilt that I mail out (over 150 so far this year) - and I do every step of the process from washing the fabric to sewing the buttons to doing the shipping. It is important to me that my work isn't mass produced - that I actually do each order one at a time for my clients. It is hard in the modern world to think that choosing to be a one person factory is a good choice since everything out there seems to scream that you should be outsourcing and growing fast and furious. That isn't what I do and though I have gotten pick up help from time to time on the sewing, I realized that it isn't something that I want other people to do. Part of what makes my kilts special, is the fact that I make them myself for each individual client.

I work hard to keep my prices reasonable for the work that I mail out. I love my work - with a passion - and I don't want to compromise what I do in order to "keep up with the Joneses".

But, after now going on four years of a steadily growing business, I have finally decided that I do need some help and there are things that I can pass on to someone else. I wanted to introduce my new assistant, Melanie... she is going to help be a voice for Alt.Kilt, working specifically on answering email and keeping track of things like Facebook and updating orders quicker. This will give me more time in my studio to get orders filled.

This summer has been extremely busy - I have been working 15 hour days since mid-April and though it has been worth it, it has been hard. Having another person to rely on will make it much better and allow me to continue to do the work I love. She will be able to get to emails and voicemails much faster than I can. I am getting really close to caught up from bit of a backlog of orders (which is what happens when you are one person) and I think that the newer system we have worked out is going to make a world of difference in production and responsiveness.

I am still reachable and I am still wanting to build custom work for you - I can be found directly at regina@altkilt.com and Melanie will be answering both the info@altkilt.com emails and her address, which is melanie@altkilt.com. She is a bit new to the kilt world but is learning fast so please give her a little time to get her feet on solid ground. I am really happy to have her on board!

Thanks so much for understanding and supporting Alt.Kilt.