Steampunk Maverick Holster


Designed to hold a Nerf Maverick gun, this holster is one of our most popular items!

This holster can be easily adapted to other Nerf guns, almost always with no extra charge. Please contact me about a custom item for your weapon of choice.

Features include:
• 100% Heavy Cotton Canvas
• Antique Brass Rivets
• Small front pocket and multiple D-rings and clips
• Gun held by a V-Strip of Leather (snaps to the holster)
• Loops for extra darts
• Belt Width of 1.5" Wide
• Double Thick Fabric
• Brass Buckle
• Antique Brass Grommets
• 1" Wide Leg Sway Strap, to keep it adjusted properly to your stride
• Available in any Color (Shown in Dark Brown and Antique Brass)
• Available right- or left-handed. If not specified, right-hand is standard.

Standard Color Options:
• Spice
• Dark Brown
• Black
• Olive Drab

Hardware Options:
• Antique Brass
• Shiny Nickel

Finish Options:
• Plain
• Distressed

Please provide a waist measurement for the belt and thigh measurement for the sway strap. Also, please indicate choice for color, hardware and finish.

When ordering for a custom-sized gun, I need specific measurements, so please make sure to contact me before ordering. If I don't know what size your gun is, I won't be able to accurately fit the holster to it. See photos for examples on how to measure your gun.

Availability: Our products are custom-made to fit your specific needs. As such, it will take an estimated 4 to 6 weeks for our studio to create and ship this item. For expedited processing, please refer to our Rush Order Option page for additional information. Additionally, if you need this item for a special event and want to make sure you will have it in hand by that date (even if your event falls after the 4 to 6 week estimated shipping time frame) , please let us know either by email or in the "order comments" at check out so we can work with you to provide your custom-made item in time for your special event. We may be able to fill your order sooner, but we will need you to contact us in order to confirm how quickly we can fill the order. Thank you for your patience.

Price: $60.00

Put on a pair of good fitting jeans and run a cloth tape measure though the belt-loops. Don't pull it tight, just match it up to the closure of the pants.

Please select a color from the standard list, or contact us first for special requests.