Military Kilt


This custom made kilt come in olive drab but is hand distressed to add age and character. It features a dual cargo pocket on the right hand side and a small box latch floating pocket on the left hand side. This pocket can be customized to fit a special item - currently, it comfortably fits an iphone. There is a dual utility loop also on the left hand side and the entire kilt has brown leather and brass accents, such a d-ring, clips and buckles. The front apron features one of our signature cross apron latches, specifically the dual cross-over. Due to the nature of distressing by hand, there will be slight variations in each kilt.

Please let us know when ordering if you do *not* want the kilt distressed - we are happy to leave it plain for you. This kilt can also be done in different fabrics, especially any of our camouflage patterns, and can also be combined with other options such as the accent pleat. Just put a note on your order or contact us to discuss details.

Price: $275.00

Put on a pair of good fitting jeans and run a cloth tape measure though the belt-loops. Don't pull it tight, just match it up to the closure of the pants.

Please remove your wallet from your back pocket before taking the hip measurement. If no measurement is given we will use our default guielines.

Kneel on the ground and measure from the top of your jeans waist band to the floor.