Spring Model Contest!

Time to show off some of the new ideas we have for spring kilts! As we mentioned on Facebook, we are looking for 3-5 normal people (men and women) to model new kilts for us. Usually, we keep this search close to home and use our local photographers but this year, we are taking it out across the world.

Here is the deal: We will build you a custom kilt for free but you need to send us a well done photo set (usually 5-10 high res photos) in return (else, we will bill you for the kilt). We will use these photos on the web (Facebook, website, flickr, twitter, etc) and in print... and you get to keep the kilt. Models that are picked will have to sign a contract allowing Alt.Kilt to use their photos and showing that the kilt was used as payment for services rendered. Photographers will also have a waiver to sign so that we can use the photos and we will allow them to also use copies for their portfolios.

What we are looking for: Many people have questioned our idea of "normal" - and so I thought I should explain. I want my kilts represented on people who are my customers - old and young, big and small, short and tall - since I build for all sizes, I would like applicants of all sizes, shapes and bodies. I would love models who have something different about them. Kilts will need to be photographed with a variety of tops and footwear to show various style options (and nothing lewd, please).

Timeline: Applications are open from 1/4/12 to 1/12/12. Models will be picked on 1/16/12 Measurements must be received by 1/20/12. Kilts will mail out the first week in February and photos will be due back by end of February.

How to enter:
Email me - Jeanie - at modelcontest@altkilt.com

with the following info:
Location: (just city, state and country at this point)
Email address:
Twitter: (if you have one)

* Why would you be a great Alt.Kilt Model? (body characteristics, location you can shoot the photos, special props?)

* Which of our kilts is your favorite style?

* What would be aspects of your ideal custom kilt? (Colors, accents, hardware and styling?)

* Please attach at least one photo for our consideration