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We have been growing here at Alt.Kilt and it is amazing! Business has been wonderful and I have been having a ton of fun working with each of you to build you the perfect kilt. But I haven't been able to do it alone anymore and so we have added some very important new staff.

Lin is my in shop sewing assistant and her work is incredible. She is a joy to have around and is keeping me on my toes! We have been implementing some of her ideas for new ways to sew some of our classic design elements and I really appreciate her innovation.

Marc is our new Office Manager and is now in charge of our customer communications. He is a talented and skilled at a huge variety of tasks and has been a life saver! He has taking over all the spreadsheets and date wrangling needed to make this business run smoothly and I really appreciate all of his hard work.

We also use a trio of stitchers who do pleating work at home. This allows for all the custom sizing and finishing work to be done at the shop by Lin and myself, speeding up the process and the time needed to get your order to you.

There have been a few delays and growing pains as we have expanded in size from a one person shop to 6 of us working hard. I really appreciate your continued support and understanding. As these wrinkles get ironed out, we are working smart and faster to better serve our customers. Last year, I finished and shipped about 300 kilts and I am projecting that with my new staff, we are looking at about 500 kilts in 2014!

Leather Couture: Custom Built Kilts and Accessories

Thanks to all of our fans and supporters, we have successfully funded this Kickstarter! The new machine and leather has been added to the shop and things are really rolling. As soon as all the rewards are out to the backers, we will be adding leather kilts and all the new accessories to our regular store for purchase.


Top 5 Kilts for 2013

Our list is complete - we finished out at 276 custom Alt.Kilts this year, mailed around the world. It was a great year for all of us here and we were most happy to be able to drop our prices down near the end of 2013. This was something that I have been working towards for the last three years.

Top 5 Pre-designed Kilts of 2013

1) Alt.Kilt Classic
2) Anima
3) Fireman's Kilt
4) Snap Classic Ultra Pocket
5) Steampunk Welder's Kilt

We are already working on some new awesome styles for 2014. Have a great New Year and start thinking happy thoughts for warmer weather!

Spring Model Contest!

Time to show off some of the new ideas we have for spring kilts! As we mentioned on Facebook, we are looking for 3-5 normal people (men and women) to model new kilts for us. Usually, we keep this search close to home and use our local photographers but this year, we are taking it out across the world.

Here is the deal: We will build you a custom kilt for free but you need to send us a well done photo set (usually 5-10 high res photos) in return (else, we will bill you for the kilt). We will use these photos on the web (Facebook, website, flickr, twitter, etc) and in print... and you get to keep the kilt. Models that are picked will have to sign a contract allowing Alt.Kilt to use their photos and showing that the kilt was used as payment for services rendered. Photographers will also have a waiver to sign so that we can use the photos and we will allow them to also use copies for their portfolios.

What we are looking for: Many people have questioned our idea of "normal" - and so I thought I should explain. I want my kilts represented on people who are my customers - old and young, big and small, short and tall - since I build for all sizes, I would like applicants of all sizes, shapes and bodies. I would love models who have something different about them. Kilts will need to be photographed with a variety of tops and footwear to show various style options (and nothing lewd, please).

Timeline: Applications are open from 1/4/12 to 1/12/12. Models will be picked on 1/16/12 Measurements must be received by 1/20/12. Kilts will mail out the first week in February and photos will be due back by end of February.

How to enter:
Email me - Jeanie - at modelcontest@altkilt.com

with the following info:
Location: (just city, state and country at this point)
Email address:
Twitter: (if you have one)

* Why would you be a great Alt.Kilt Model? (body characteristics, location you can shoot the photos, special props?)

* Which of our kilts is your favorite style?

* What would be aspects of your ideal custom kilt? (Colors, accents, hardware and styling?)

* Please attach at least one photo for our consideration

A moment for small business.

I run a small business here in Madison, WI. My entire company is me, one part time steamshop manager, one part time office manager and a part time social media consultant. I work 60+ hours a week at a job that I love. A job that has been harder than hell to do in this economy. I make a handmade product that has taken hours to perfect the design and each and every kilt that I make is done with care and attention to details. From washing the fabric to sewing on the buttons - I work that kilt into my vision of an awesome piece of clothing. I fret about the fabric being just right; a bad dye lot of black that looks green is not acceptable and costs me a ton of money to replace. I check my stitches to make sure that they will last so that your kilt will last. Quality is everything to me - and I will not ship out a kilt that does not meet my high standards. This business is my name and my reputation.

When you are asked to support small businesses, it is completely about the people and the family involved in the work. I have two kids to raise and my office manager is a stay-at-home mom with her young son. We give up a lot in order to gain what we can with being self-employed. It isn't an easy job but it is worth every moment. I am working to carve a tiny space out for my kilts in a marketplace run by factories that can do it cheaper and faster.

Yes, you can get a t-shirt for $5 at Target and that is one type of shopping (that I do as well - how do you think I clothe two growing pre-teen boys!). But I hope that when the time comes to buy a quality item that will last you for years - you make the choice to support a small business instead of a factory. My kilts fit every body type out there because I personally tailor each one as I sew it. I calculate the number of pleats to fit the hip measurement and hand pleat in the waist size so there is no gaping or bunching as it is worn. No factory will do that. No factory can take the time to make each kilt a single one-of-a-kind item that is only yours.

I rarely soapbox - but these are the times to decide what is important to you. Thank you for supporting my small business - you have my heartfelt gratitude.

Leather Panel Alt.Kilt

Leather Panel Alt.Kilt - Gears!Leather Panel Alt.Kilt - Gears!

The new Leather Panel Alt.Kiltsare finally here!

Our standard Alt.Kilt with a unique twist. We collaborated with GreyCat Workshop to make this hand tooled Leather Panel Alt.Kilt. Each panel is made individually for every kilt and is fit to the length of the kilt. With our new system of styling, these leather accents are interchangeable and can easily be swapped out to change the look of the kilt. They are held on with Chicago screws through tiny eyelets reenforced with thread. The kilt can also be worn without the pleat and their hold points are barely visible.

The designs for the leather panels are unlimited. We are featuring four of them here - two are from our Steampunk leather accent kilts - but there is additional option for complete custom work. Additional panels are available for purchase as a stand alone item in our Accessories section. Please note that these panels attach differently than the Steampunk accent kilt panels but both styles are available for purchase.

Gift Certificate Bonus Week - Make it worth more!

Gift CertificateGift Certificate

Our standard holiday deadline, rush orders not withstanding, has passed but that doesn't mean you can't give the gift of Kilted-Goodness to someone this year. We have gift certificates that can be made up for any amount you desire. But for this week only, there is an additional bonus ....

Any gift certificates purchased between 11/8 and 11/15 will get an additional $25 added to their value! This could mean free cargo pockets or an upgrade in fabric to faux leather on the new kilt. All gift certificates are valid for 1 year after purchase and are mailed out right away.

Thank you for your patronage and enjoy a relaxing holiday season.

PointyKitty Studios & Alt.Kilt Multi-Artist Fall Studio Sale

The weather is slowly cooling off, the holidays are approaching, and we've been de-stashing a great deal of our studio inventory and pulled all sorts of things that are in need of new, loving homes, and invite you to come select some for adoption, post haste! Join us Saturday, October 15th, from 9am - 5pm!

Free Kid's Kilts and Discount code.

It is September! Time once again for our free Kids' Kilt Program as we raise money for Give Kids' The World Village. This year, the color choices are three variations of green. Kids' Kilts are completely free but we also are thankful for any donation you wish to make to this worthy cause. Last year we raised over $360 and this year our goal is $500. Stay tuned for more goodies this month including a custom build auction.

Free Kids kilts are here: http://www.altkilt.com/kidkilt

Also - our continuing work with Magnum Boots, The Happy Medic and MotorCop - we still have a running 15% coupon code till the end of September. We have been honored to be part of their Kilted to Kick Cancer campaign to raise awareness for male-specific cancers. The website for KTKC is http://kiltedtokickcancer.org/ and the press release is here: http://www.magnumboots.com/us/news/industry-bloggers-companies-kilt-up-t...

The coupon code "KTKC" will give you 15% off any kilt order placed through the website now till the end of September.

Thank you so much for you continued support!

September is for Cancer Awareness!

Alt.Kilt is teaming up with Magnum boots to sponsor a Kilted to Kick Cancer month - we are helping to raise awareness of male specific cancers with The Happy Medic (http://thehappymedic.com) and MotorCop
(http://motorcopblog.com/2011/07/18/k...o-kick-cancer/). We are doing fundraising and giveaways for all of September ... including an Ebay Auction and Photo Contest for a free Kilt. There is already a coupon code in place - KTKC for 15% discount on your new custom kilt!

Please follow this campaign on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kilted-to-Kick-Cancer/250538001624324 - and our Twitter account.

... and September is also Childhood Cancer Awareness Month so we are ramping up for ...

Kilted for Kids' Cancer month where I raise money for Give Kids' the World Village and also give away free (or with customer's donation) kids' kilts all month long. (more info here: http://www.altkilt.com/cancer).

This year we are doing a few things differently - we are going to have an official color for the free kid's kilt and also for the Adult Sponsor kilt: spruce green! There will still be some customizations available.

We hope to surpass our donation last year - which was around $360. Alt.Kilt's goal is $750! Stay tuned for more updates!

Growth at Alt.Kilt

We have been rocking busy this year (again) but since I have hired a few employees, it has been getting better all around. Melanie is still our Office Manager and answers all of your emails. Jenn now manages our Etsy Steamshop and accessories line and I have an awesome stitcher that is doing some of the pre-pleating... I still finish every kilt we make and check it for quality before it ships out.

Handmade Custom Kilt - A Photoblog

I want people to learn about what it means to create a handmade custom kilt from scratch and that by small business, we mean 3 people who work really hard to provide customer service and quality that rivals the big guys. I am going to be doing a photo blog post that is the step-by-step process - from bolt of fabric to finished kilt.

Look to the website to see when it is posted!

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