Flying Anvil Kilt Pin

We finally have a kilt pin available! As a small handmade business, I didn't want to just import a pre-made style and slap it on the site. Instead, I reached out to one of my favorite metal artists and got something special that was specific to Alt.Kilt.

*This incredible kilt pin is handmade by Alex Drummer of Drummer Metal Crafts ( It features our compass rose logo and his stylized winged anvil.

They are cast pewter pieces with two inset tack pins in the back to keep it in place. Weighing in at 1.5 oz, the kilt pin is 2" tall and 1.5" wide at the widest part.

We usually have this pin in stock but if we have run out there will be a 3-4 week delay to get more crafted. As a handmade product there will be some slight variation between each pin.*

This kilt pin is our May gift for the first 5 orders. I love being able to help support other small business craftsmen and I do hope you like our new kilt pin.


Introducing Alt.Kilt's Tailor-made Men and Women!

We love to see photos of our kilts in action. Nothing makes a piece of clothing look better than being seen on a real person. And this means that we need your help. Alt.Kilts have been shipped to many countries around the world and over 250 left our Madison, WI office last year alone. Each one was made by hand to your specific requests and ideas.

We want to see you in your custom creations. Seeing photos of real men and women in their kilts and skirts make our day. I, personally as the kiltmaker, would love to feature more of our customers on our website, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter steams....

Send us a photo (preferably 800x600 jpg/gif/png format) and we will post it in our customer gallery and on our other pages around the web. Be sure to add your Twitter or Facebook handle so we can link to you. Let's show off all the incredible Alt.Kilts to the rest of the world.

Alt.Kilt 5 Year Birthday Bash - April Gift

Welcome to the fourth month of the Alt.Kilt 5 Year Birthday Bash!

This month I am so pleased to feature the incredible art of Ursula Vernon at Red Wombat Studio. The first five orders placed in April will get signed 8.5 x 11 copy of this cool print as a birthday gift from us at Alt.Kilt.

Kilted LizardKilted Lizard

The Anima Kilt

Alt.Kilt has decided to retire our originally Woodsman's Kilt - one of the first art kilts we ever made - and have added a new specialty kilt in its place.

The Anima Kilt

Made from olive green 100% heavy cotton, this kilt with withstand the outdoors! It features a fully removable swag side pocket with antique brass box latch and three utility loops. The right hand side has a permanent cargo pocket and an antique brass key hook. Each belt loop terminates in a d-ring, the buttons are subtle with a burnished antique brass star on each one and there are antique brass rivets and grommets as decor.

Because this is a handmade product, there is always some slight variations in each kilt produced and design elements do shift positions as the size of the kilt increases. You can purchase this kilt in our specialty kilt section - its individual page is located here:

This kilt was a design collaboration between Alt.Kilt and Anima Lifeways & Herbal School: - especially Jesse Wolf. A portion of the proceeds of this kilt's sales will go to benefit the school in New Mexico.

Alt.Kilt 5 Year Birthday Bash - March Gift

Welcome to the third month of the Alt.Kilt 5 Year Birthday Bash!

This month I am so pleased to feature the incredible music of Seanan McGuire. She is a wonderful writer of multiple urban fantasy books and other short stories - check out the October Daye series, if this is your style. We are going to be giving away 5 copies of her newest album Wicked Girls to the first five orders placed in March.

Wicked GirlsWicked Girls

  1. Counting Crows
  2. Mama Said
  3. Cartography
  4. How Much Salt?
  5. Jack's Place
  6. Carnival Glass
  7. Dear Thomas
  8. The True Story Here
  9. Mother of the Crows
  10. Tanglewood Tree
  11. The Ghost of Lilly Kane
  12. Fox Hunt
  13. The Snow Queen Dreams
  14. Writing Again
  15. Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves
  16. My Story Is Not Done

From her website: The followup to 2007's Stars Fall Home is finally almost upon us! Fairy tales and wolves, carnivals and crows, this is a once upon a time that has been a long time coming. With fourteen original songs and two covers, this is Seanan's most ambitious project yet.

Wicked Girls features performances by Kristoph Klover, Michelle Dockrey, Amy McNally, Paul Kwinn, Margaret Davis, SJ Tucker, and Dr. Mary Crowell, along with special guests and musical surprises yet to be announced. With sound engineering and production by Kristoph Klover, cover art by Tara O'Shea, and interior design by Beckett Gladney, this is an album that Seanan could not possibly be prouder of, and cannot wait for you to have the opportunity to hear.

I have had this album on repeat in our car since I got it in the mail - I love it and I am so happy to support Seanan as an artist and share her music with Alt.Kilt fans.

LumaTwill Accent Pleat Kilts

I am so thrilled to be sharing this new fabric with you all!

A few months ago I came across a website for an incredible company in the UK called Dashing Tweeds.

Dashing Tweeds is Britain’s latest tweed textile company. Opening up a contemporary arena for a classic quality fabric, Dashing Tweeds has created a range of tweeds for the 21st century, designed by photographer Guy Hills and weaver Kirsty McDougall.
A unique weave of wool worsted and reflective yarn, LumatwillsTM appear by day only in their smart combination of colours. By night, under illumination, hidden reflective lines shine out, offering an inventive and stylish solution to attire for the pedestrian, cyclist or scooter rider.
The reflective look of the fabricThe reflective look of the fabric

I ordered in a few samples and I was in love with the fabric. The tweeds are beautifully woven with smooth textures and deep colors - but it is the LumaTwills that really captured my attention. As their website says quoted above, these fabrics provide safety for those out and about on the streets and I personally think they will be great for clubbing and other activities.

We now have three of these weaves available in our Accent Pleat Kilt as an add-on for $50.00. Currently we are stocking Red Raver, Grey Raver and The Dashing. There are more photos of this fabric in action on our Flickr Feed so please go take a look!

Three big things in February....

First of all, my lovely assistant and her husband are having their first baby (yay!) but that means she is going to be out for a while with the little one. I am currently interviewing some intern help to make sure that things keep running as smooth as possible while she is out. We are so happy for them!

Second, we are going to be starting the Alt.Kilt Birthday Bash for the year. There will be more information on this soon but because I cannot keep good news in, here is a little info. Alt.Kilt is turning 5 this year and we are having a year long hobbit style birthday party! Over the years, we have meet a lot of really neat artists and craftsman and we want to share that with you all. Each month, we will feature one of our favorite artists - the first five kilts ordered that month will get a free sampling of their work mailed with their order. So far we have all sorts of different items and styles: cast kilt pins, handmade leather pouches, music CDs, caffeinated baking mixes, posters and prints. I am planning on posting a schedule so that people can see what is up and coming. We are really happy to be able to help support these other independent businesses.

And thirdly, due to economics of a small business, there is going to be a price increase on our kilts. In four years, I have not had to change a thing but unfortunately, it is time. It will only be a modest $20 on the Alt.Kilt Classic and many of the designed kilts will have a rework to see how little I have to raise them as well. The new pricing structure will be in place on February 1st. I hope you all can understand. Thank you so much for your business and support.

Holiday Geek Expo

Holiday Geek Expo: Holiday Geek ExpoHoliday Geek Expo: Holiday Geek ExpoGet ready for the Holiday Geek Expo! This is an intimate version of the geeky-goodness found in the CONvergence Dealer's Room just in time for Winter Holiday shopping! We'll have everything from kilts to corsets, jewelry to comics and nearly everything in-between. The Expo happens December 4th and 5th, 2010. Doors open at 10am both days and close at 6pm Saturday and 4pm Sunday. Sponsored by Mohr Creations, Sprite Creations, CONvergence Inc., GPS and Anime Twin Cities. The Expo is located in the Waterbury building; 1121 Jackson Street N.E., Room #135, Minneapolis, MN 55413 (Northwest corner of Broadway & Central Ave).

Photo Contest - Open to Everyone.

Do you want to win a $200, $150 or $100 Gift Certificate from Alt.Kilt? (And really, who wouldn't?) Enter our contest! Send us your photos of the coolest, hardest to get to, most exotic places you've ever worn your kilt. Have you climbed Blood Falls in Antarctica in your kilt? Let's see it! Ever ridden a camel wearing your kilt? Bring it on! Managed to get to the deepest darkest jungle? We'd like photographic proof, please. Spend all your time hanging around the local coffee house checking facebook? Well.... just show us that it is the best place in your town and we'll add it to the list. So, submit your photos to or October 26 through November 16, 2010. Winners will be notified by November 22, 2010.

We have prizes for any kilt (any maker - tartan or contemporary) in an exotic place and some special ones for Alt.Kilts being featured in the photos.

Share this around the web... the more photos the better! These photos do need to be kid-friendly.

Hired an Assistant.


Regina Davan - OwnerRegina Davan - OwnerUp until this point, I have been the sole employee of Alt.Kilt. I sew every kilt that I mail out (over 150 so far this year) - and I do every step of the process from washing the fabric to sewing the buttons to doing the shipping. It is important to me that my work isn't mass produced - that I actually do each order one at a time for my clients. It is hard in the modern world to think that choosing to be a one person factory is a good choice since everything out there seems to scream that you should be outsourcing and growing fast and furious. That isn't what I do and though I have gotten pick up help from time to time on the sewing, I realized that it isn't something that I want other people to do. Part of what makes my kilts special, is the fact that I make them myself for each individual client.

I work hard to keep my prices reasonable for the work that I mail out. I love my work - with a passion - and I don't want to compromise what I do in order to "keep up with the Joneses".

But, after now going on four years of a steadily growing business, I have finally decided that I do need some help and there are things that I can pass on to someone else. I wanted to introduce my new assistant, Melanie... she is going to help be a voice for Alt.Kilt, working specifically on answering email and keeping track of things like Facebook and updating orders quicker. This will give me more time in my studio to get orders filled.

This summer has been extremely busy - I have been working 15 hour days since mid-April and though it has been worth it, it has been hard. Having another person to rely on will make it much better and allow me to continue to do the work I love. She will be able to get to emails and voicemails much faster than I can. I am getting really close to caught up from bit of a backlog of orders (which is what happens when you are one person) and I think that the newer system we have worked out is going to make a world of difference in production and responsiveness.

I am still reachable and I am still wanting to build custom work for you - I can be found directly at and Melanie will be answering both the emails and her address, which is She is a bit new to the kilt world but is learning fast so please give her a little time to get her feet on solid ground. I am really happy to have her on board!

Thanks so much for understanding and supporting Alt.Kilt.


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