New Kilt - Military Kilt

Military Inspired KiltMilitary Inspired Kilt
New Kilt Introduction Special - I am currently offering this kilt for $250 till July 1st, 2010. After that point, it will return to its standard price of $325.

This custom made kilt come in olive drab but is hand distressed to add age and character. It features a dual cargo pocket on the right hand side and a small box latch floating pocket on the left hand side. This pocket can be customized to fit a special item - currently, it comfortably fits an iphone. There is a dual utility loop also on the left hand side and the entire kilt has brown leather and brass accents, such a d-ring, clips and buckles. The front apron features one of our signature cross apron latches, specifically the dual cross-over. Due to the nature of distressing by hand, there will be slight variations in each kilt.

Please let us know when ordering if you do *not* want the kilt distressed - we are happy to leave it plain for you. This kilt can also be done in different fabrics, especially any of our camouflage patterns, and can also be combined with other options such as the accent pleat. Just put a note on your order or contact us to discuss details.

New Fabric Option - Dress Weight 100% Cotton Twill

In talking with our clients and after some careful research, we have decided to add a new fabric option to our store. Our concern was finding a lighter weight cotton fabric that was still heavy enough to hold the pleats, be durable and washable, look good as a completed kilt and not blow up in the wind. We have finally found a fabric we are pleased with and after a few trial runs, our customers seem happy too. It come in all the same colors that the heavy weight cotton that is currently our standard. Please email us with any questions about your fabric choice needs.

Q: What is the different between the heavy weight cotton twill and the dress cotton?
A: Fabric is hard to describe in words but we'll try to give it a shot. The dress weight cotton was added as a second choice because it offers a bit more movement to the kilt and also because it looks dressier. The fabric base is similar to what is used for sewing dress pants and Dockers and has a slight sheen to it. It lays nicely and is relatively wrinkle free. Many other contemporary kilts are made in this weight fabric, though our style of hemming does help the pleats stay true. The heavy weight fabric is 10oz twill so therefore it is more like Carhartt fabric. A finished kilt in this fabric weight about double the dress weight and is incredibly durable but has a more casual appearance over all. We are happy to send you samples of the fabric if you want to feel them before deciding.

Auction for Doctors Without Borders

Please check out our Charity Auction and share it:

100% Profit of this auction will go to Doctors Without Borders for the Haiti Relief Efforts.

About this nonprofit:
Doctors Without Borders is an international medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to those affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural & man-made disasters. The first non-governmental organization to provide emergency medical assistance & bear witness publicly to the plight of those it assists, we have a long history of providing urgent medical assistance in Haiti & we are on the ground working to treat earthquake survivors & meet the huge needs that are only beginning to emerge.

About this Auction:
The kilt will be made of 100% heavy cotton of buyers choice of color and will also include any of our options that the buyer wishes. A handsome urbanwear kilt with a button front closure, box pleats and double turn hem bottom. Each kilt is made specifically for the customer at time of purchase and can be completely customized to fit the wearer's needs. We have a huge variety of colors and options listed on our website: and this auction kilt can have any or all of them! We will contact you after the auction is done to work out the details of your custom kilt.

Capricon Pre-sale! Free Shipping.

Capricon Pre-sale!Capricon Pre-sale!

Alt.Kilt and the Alt.Kilt Steam Shop will be vending this year at Capricon 30: Celebration! and we have decided to do a pre-sale for those attending (and honestly, those who are not could also get in on this) by having free delivery at the Convention!

Until the end of January - all orders placed though our shop on Etsy, 1000 Markets or will have free shipping! Please note in your order if you want it to be delivered in person to you for Capricon and we will have them at our booth in the vending area. Due to the way Etsy and 1000 Markets are set up - this means free shipping for all orders even if they are not being delivered at the Convention. At, please just choose the option of "Pick up in Person" and put Capricon in the notes.

As usual - Please check out our Flickr Pool, Twitter and our Facebook Page. Thank you!

Denim and Leather kilt - $175

Denim and Leather KiltDenim and Leather Kilt

Featuring a cross-apron, this charcoal denim custom kilt is tricked out with black leather accents and silver rivets. It has a singled covered back pocket and can also have cargo pockets added. This kilt can be made in either denim or any color of our heavy weight 100% cotton. Leather comes standard in black or put a note in the order if you are interested in another color.

Available now at

Capricon 30: Celebrate Fandom (Wheeling, IL)

Capricon 30Capricon 30Join us in the Dealer's Room at Capricon 30 (Feb. 11-14, 2010 in Wheeling, IL). Capricon ( is a four day Science Fiction Convention held annually in the Chicago area. We will have a bunch of Steampunk Accessories for sale and will also have our kilts for display and order.

Also, Pre-sale for delivery at Capricon (save on shipping and guarantee you have your items at the start of the convention) will start early next week - check back here for more information!

Obvious Magazine Editorial - January 2010

Alt.Kilt exclusive Kilt It with Obvious Magazine ( - by photographer Jerris Madison ( and featuring model Derrick Smith ( There are 9 pages of photos on their website - Please check them out! The kilts used were custom built for the shoot and showcase some of our newest designs.

Gift Certificates Available.

Gift CertificateGift Certificate
Alt.Kilt is happy to offer gift certificates on the request of multiple customers. Purchasers can choose any dollar amount - from $25.00 to $400 or more - which can be use toward any custom purchase at Alt.Kilt. Or, if the purchaser wants the dollar value to remain hidden, the certificate can be purchased for "A custom-made Alt.Kilt". Please contact us directly at to see the options included in that offer. We will mail a filled out certificate to either the purchaser or the receiver. It is valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

Beta Upgrade Program is now available.

Steampunk Welder's Kilt detailSteampunk Welder's Kilt detailOver the past three years, we have made some significant changes to our kilt design. We have remade the cargo pockets so they hold more stuff better, changed our back pockets to include a cover flap and have altered both the inner and outer aprons in order to have a smoother pleat transition and more movement. Our current kilt design is the best that we have put out there and the feedback we have gotten is excellent and encouraging! Now, it is time to give everyone a chance to have our best product.

Consider this your kilt's 3,000 mile check up!

If you have one of our earlier designs - be it for cargo pockets, back pockets or apron - we would love to remake that kilt for you so you can wear our best design. From now till the end of 2009, we will accept trade-in kilts, with a flat fee of $75 (for custom basic kilts), $150 (for specialty kilts) or $50 (for skirts), and mail you back a new up-to-date style. This is also a perfect time to upgrade - contact us at if you want to swap out your old style for a specialty kilt such as the Steampunk kilt and we will work out a suitable trade-in value.

If you have yet to try out our kilts... well, we would love to give you the chance. This offer is also available if you want to trade out an old kilt by another manufacturer. We will happily give you 50% off your order and we will send you a new Alt.Kilt to wear.

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