Gift Certificates Available.

Gift CertificateGift Certificate
Alt.Kilt is happy to offer gift certificates on the request of multiple customers. Purchasers can choose any dollar amount - from $25.00 to $400 or more - which can be use toward any custom purchase at Alt.Kilt. Or, if the purchaser wants the dollar value to remain hidden, the certificate can be purchased for "A custom-made Alt.Kilt". Please contact us directly at to see the options included in that offer. We will mail a filled out certificate to either the purchaser or the receiver. It is valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

Beta Upgrade Program is now available.

Steampunk Welder's Kilt detailSteampunk Welder's Kilt detailOver the past three years, we have made some significant changes to our kilt design. We have remade the cargo pockets so they hold more stuff better, changed our back pockets to include a cover flap and have altered both the inner and outer aprons in order to have a smoother pleat transition and more movement. Our current kilt design is the best that we have put out there and the feedback we have gotten is excellent and encouraging! Now, it is time to give everyone a chance to have our best product.

Consider this your kilt's 3,000 mile check up!

If you have one of our earlier designs - be it for cargo pockets, back pockets or apron - we would love to remake that kilt for you so you can wear our best design. From now till the end of 2009, we will accept trade-in kilts, with a flat fee of $75 (for custom basic kilts), $150 (for specialty kilts) or $50 (for skirts), and mail you back a new up-to-date style. This is also a perfect time to upgrade - contact us at if you want to swap out your old style for a specialty kilt such as the Steampunk kilt and we will work out a suitable trade-in value.

If you have yet to try out our kilts... well, we would love to give you the chance. This offer is also available if you want to trade out an old kilt by another manufacturer. We will happily give you 50% off your order and we will send you a new Alt.Kilt to wear.

Steampunk Shop - 1 year Anniversary!

It is our 1 year Anniversary at the Alt.Kilt Steampunk Shop... and that means that all Steampunk items are currently 20% off as a thank you to all our customers. This includes the Steampunk Kilt, Travel Skirt and Adventure Skirt. We are also still taking custom orders and love to make something new and different especially for you. If you have a specific event or date you need the item for, just let us know and we will be happy to make sure you get it in time.

Stenciled Alt.Kilt - Silver on Black

Stenciled Front Image: Black kilt with silver artStenciled Front Image: Black kilt with silver artWith the overwhelmingly good response to our hand-painted kilts such as the Steampunk and Punk kilts, we have decided to play around with more stenciling and screen printing. Since the Alt.Kilt store is now carrying a dress weight cotton, which has the weight and sheen of dress pants, I thought it would be fun to try out the new material with some painting. The resulting image was crisp and sharp looking!

Any of our kilts can be printed with an image of your choice. Please contact us via our web form or direct email to in order to discuss the options available.

Follow us.... everywhere!

Heather Green Alt.Kilt: featuring square celtic buttons and cargo pocketsHeather Green Alt.Kilt: featuring square celtic buttons and cargo pockets
The busy summer months are winding down and we are loving the onset of fall. All of our traveling shows are over for this calendar year which means we have had time to be building new kilts in our shop. There has been a lot of work in new designs such as tartan insets, dress weight fabrics, screen printing and new pockets. We have decided to add more ways to get this information out....

Follow our progress and ideas in a more informal setting .... on Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

What have we been sewing?

Steampunk Welder's KiltSteampunk Welder's Kilt
Made from dual sided heavy canvas, this kilt is almost indestructible. It features a hand-panted patina accented with antique brass hardware and rivets but also leather and fabric patching due to wear and tear. There is a dual cargo pocket on the left hip with antique brass box latches as closures and also a custom made, by the owner, initial metal stamping burned into the leather. The right side has a dark green inset panel, lacing on the hip and also a small key pocket; one of the belt loops has been replaced in leather and helps support a brass clip. The apron has three small gear buttons to help keep in closed while working in the shop and a leather cross panel for added protection and security. This well-loved and apparently well-worked-in kilt is a unique statement.

Visit our Flickr account for more detailed shots:

CONvergence 2009 - Dealer's Room

Join us this July 2-5 at CONvergence 11 - Bloomington, MN! We will be spending the weekend in the Dealer's Room - with kilts to try on and check out. This year, we will also be bringing our Steampunk accessory line and some kilt-inspired skirts for women. Stop by and chat with us!

Kilt belts now available!

Made of heavy smooth webbing, these fully adjustable kilt belts measure 2" wide and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Available in black, bronze, burgundy, grey and rainbow and featuring either a simple or covered clasp.
Please check out our on-line catalog for ordering.

Steampunk Alt.Kilt Now featured on MPR - All Things Considered!

Alt.Kilt took some time to talk with reporter Marianne Comb about Steampunk Fashion. Read the article, featuring both steampunk and lolita fashion, and see a slide show of various works.

MarsCon 2009 - Invasion!

Come visit Alt.Kilt at MarsCon 2009 - happening March 6-8 at the Holiday Inn Select in Bloomington, MN!

We will be in the dealer's room all three days with kilts to show off and try on. For more information, please check out the convention website at or send us a note!

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