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Heather Green Alt.Kilt: featuring square celtic buttons and cargo pocketsHeather Green Alt.Kilt: featuring square celtic buttons and cargo pockets
The busy summer months are winding down and we are loving the onset of fall. All of our traveling shows are over for this calendar year which means we have had time to be building new kilts in our shop. There has been a lot of work in new designs such as tartan insets, dress weight fabrics, screen printing and new pockets. We have decided to add more ways to get this information out....

Follow our progress and ideas in a more informal setting .... on Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

The Flickr feed is the most used site for our photos and showcases some of our more one-of-a-kind looks for both kilts and steampunk accessories. There will be a showcase of improved designs and upcoming available options added in the next week.

Our Twitter feed happens right from the shop floor and offers sneak peaks at orders being filled and new ideas being laid out. We love customer feed back and like to hear other people's ideas and thoughts.

Thank you again for your continued interest and support!