Capricon 30: Celebrate Fandom (Wheeling, IL)

Capricon 30Capricon 30Join us in the Dealer's Room at Capricon 30 (Feb. 11-14, 2010 in Wheeling, IL). Capricon ( is a four day Science Fiction Convention held annually in the Chicago area. We will have a bunch of Steampunk Accessories for sale and will also have our kilts for display and order.

Also, Pre-sale for delivery at Capricon (save on shipping and guarantee you have your items at the start of the convention) will start early next week - check back here for more information!

Capricon ( celebrates all the best of the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, with a focus on the literature itself. During the day, members of the convention attend programming panels on a variety of topics: books, movies, television, anime, gaming, science, space exploration…there’s something for everyone! We also have an Anime room, Film room, Gaming events, Filk concerts, Author readings and autograph sessions, and several large Special Events, such as Klingon Karaoke and a Masquerade. In the evening, many of our members open their rooms and wallets to host open parties for all the other members.

Capricon also features a Dealers Room, home to several vendors of fannish products. Books, costumes, games, movies, comics, jewelry…all this and more can be found in the Dealers Room. We also have an Art Show, which features artwork from the genre. Some artwork is for display only, but much of it can be purchased through our Art Auction. We display art by both professional and fannish artists.