Steampunk Spare Pockets


**Because the demand for these has been incredibly high, this item will be shipped out in 4-6 weeks. Some times it is sooner but unless we confirmed that with you in a conversation... there is no guarantee**

Attaching to any size belt (up to 2"), this hip pack features three small pockets, a key loop, a metal clip and slide roll holders. The small pockets are big enough to carry ID, Credit card or candies and small trinkets such as a pocket watch. One key loop is made of leather and the other is a small brass clip. It is made of 100% cotton in a spice tone and accented with brass rivets and square rings.

Open width is 14" and because of the button closures can be attached to an already worn belt. It can work on pants - between the belt loops- or skirts.

Available plain (as shown) or distressed (please attach a note if you want it painted). Both styles can be had for $40.00. I am also willing to do it in different colors - such as dark brown, black, or tan and also with silver accents instead of brass. Buttons and hardware styles will vary.

Price: $40.00

Please select a color from the standard list, or contact us first for special requests.

replace the buttons on the pockets with box latches