New Fabric Option - Dress Weight 100% Cotton Twill

In talking with our clients and after some careful research, we have decided to add a new fabric option to our store. Our concern was finding a lighter weight cotton fabric that was still heavy enough to hold the pleats, be durable and washable, look good as a completed kilt and not blow up in the wind. We have finally found a fabric we are pleased with and after a few trial runs, our customers seem happy too. It come in all the same colors that the heavy weight cotton that is currently our standard. Please email us with any questions about your fabric choice needs.

Q: What is the different between the heavy weight cotton twill and the dress cotton?
A: Fabric is hard to describe in words but we'll try to give it a shot. The dress weight cotton was added as a second choice because it offers a bit more movement to the kilt and also because it looks dressier. The fabric base is similar to what is used for sewing dress pants and Dockers and has a slight sheen to it. It lays nicely and is relatively wrinkle free. Many other contemporary kilts are made in this weight fabric, though our style of hemming does help the pleats stay true. The heavy weight fabric is 10oz twill so therefore it is more like Carhartt fabric. A finished kilt in this fabric weight about double the dress weight and is incredibly durable but has a more casual appearance over all. We are happy to send you samples of the fabric if you want to feel them before deciding.