Introducing Alt.Kilt's Tailor-made Men and Women!

We love to see photos of our kilts in action. Nothing makes a piece of clothing look better than being seen on a real person. And this means that we need your help. Alt.Kilts have been shipped to many countries around the world and over 250 left our Madison, WI office last year alone. Each one was made by hand to your specific requests and ideas.

We want to see you in your custom creations. Seeing photos of real men and women in their kilts and skirts make our day. I, personally as the kiltmaker, would love to feature more of our customers on our website, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter steams....

Send us a photo (preferably 800x600 jpg/gif/png format) and we will post it in our customer gallery and on our other pages around the web. Be sure to add your Twitter or Facebook handle so we can link to you. Let's show off all the incredible Alt.Kilts to the rest of the world.