Leather Panel Alt.Kilt

Leather Panel Alt.Kilt - Gears!Leather Panel Alt.Kilt - Gears!

The new Leather Panel Alt.Kiltsare finally here!

Our standard Alt.Kilt with a unique twist. We collaborated with GreyCat Workshop to make this hand tooled Leather Panel Alt.Kilt. Each panel is made individually for every kilt and is fit to the length of the kilt. With our new system of styling, these leather accents are interchangeable and can easily be swapped out to change the look of the kilt. They are held on with Chicago screws through tiny eyelets reenforced with thread. The kilt can also be worn without the pleat and their hold points are barely visible.

The designs for the leather panels are unlimited. We are featuring four of them here - two are from our Steampunk leather accent kilts - but there is additional option for complete custom work. Additional panels are available for purchase as a stand alone item in our Accessories section. Please note that these panels attach differently than the Steampunk accent kilt panels but both styles are available for purchase.