Photo Contest - Open to Everyone.

Do you want to win a $200, $150 or $100 Gift Certificate from Alt.Kilt? (And really, who wouldn't?) Enter our contest! Send us your photos of the coolest, hardest to get to, most exotic places you've ever worn your kilt. Have you climbed Blood Falls in Antarctica in your kilt? Let's see it! Ever ridden a camel wearing your kilt? Bring it on! Managed to get to the deepest darkest jungle? We'd like photographic proof, please. Spend all your time hanging around the local coffee house checking facebook? Well.... just show us that it is the best place in your town and we'll add it to the list. So, submit your photos to or October 26 through November 16, 2010. Winners will be notified by November 22, 2010.

We have prizes for any kilt (any maker - tartan or contemporary) in an exotic place and some special ones for Alt.Kilts being featured in the photos.

Share this around the web... the more photos the better! These photos do need to be kid-friendly.