Pride Kilt

Side view of inset panel
Dual Cargo PocketBack view - Leather Pride KiltFront View - Leather Pride Kilt

Features a single panel insert of Pride fabric (available in Leather Pride, GLBT Pride and Bear Pride) and a double cargo pocket on the left hand side. This kilt also have silver D-rings on the 2" belt loops and a brush metal key clip. For ease of upkeep, the kilt is made of 100% cotton but can also be done in full leather.

Price: $225.00

Put on a pair of good fitting jeans and run a cloth tape measure though the belt-loops. Don't pull it tight, just match it up to the closure of the pants.

Please remove your wallet from your back pocket before taking the hip measurement. If no measurement is given we will use our default guielines.

Kneel on the ground and measure from the top of your jeans waist band to the floor.

Available in Leather Pride, GLBT Pride and Bear Pride. Please inquire if you desire something not listed.