Packaging reuse program

Alt.Kilt PackagingAlt.Kilt PackagingBeing a one person shop has left me to come up with interesting ways to solve problems. When I first started making kilts, I delivered every single one to clients. But soon, Alt.Kilt grew to be a more mail orientated business and I had to figure out how to package and send a kilt. I couldn't bring myself to just put it in a box and send it off but I also didn't have the desire or the resources to invest in plastic bagging systems. I wanted something that respected the handmade nature of my work so I started to wrap each kilt in spare fabric and tie the bundle up with ribbon, slipping in my business cards on the top.

Many of our customers have found ways to reuse their kilt packaging - mainly for storage of their Alt.Kilt but some have also used it as fabric for other projects. But I assume that many others are unable to use that packaging again so I think it is time to have a recycle program for that aspect. My kilts are made with new materials so that I can guarantee the quality of my product but I use the scrap to make my line of spare pockets and other accessories. Reusing the kilt packaging wrap would be the best new way to cut down waste produced by Alt.Kilt.

Each kilt order that mails out starting July 26th, 2010 will have a small envelop tucked inside the Priority Mail box. This envelope will be stamped and ready to go. If you decide you don't need your packaging wrap for the storage of your kilt, please just fold it up inside and drop it in the mail. I will reuse all the packaging I get back in the mail. If you previously received your kilt and still have your wrap that you want to return to us, please send it to our address on the Contact Us page or email me for a pre-set envelope.

Thank you!