What our customers have to say:

Hey Jeanie!

I just wanted to let you know that I got my kilt and flashes yesterday! It fits amazingly well and the flashes are awesome.

I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication. It really shows
in the handmade, one-of-a-kind products that you make. I am lucky
enough to have one of your amazing creations and to be able to call
you a friend.

I hope to be able to stay in touch with you so we can continue to do business and further projects.

Thanks again!

—Dan Walsh

Got it yesterday. Looks AWESOME. Worth the wait. It was a hit. Love it.

Thanks again.


Hey Jeanie!

Just wanted to let you know I received my kilt and bagpipe cover today
and they are awesome!

The kilt fits perfect and is precisely what I envisioned.

Really looking forward to wearing this around town and fielding questions about where it came from :)

Thanks so much!!!

—Brian, Unipiper Kilt

Hello Alt.Kilt Crew,

Thank you again on such a wonderful job.

—Clemmie Murdock III, leather groom's kilt

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that the kilt is fantastic in every way. The fit couldn't be better.

The quality is outstanding. It looks great.

I work in an outdoor store and wore the kilt during the holidays. You wouldn't believe the comments I received, especially in a fashion-forward town like Santa Fe.

Great job. Keep up the good work. I will be recommending you every opportunity I can.

—Bernard Tibbetts, Sante Fe, New Mexico

Hi Jeanie. The gray wool kilt came today. You did a great job. The fit was great and the comfort unbelievable. Had to wear it all evening.


—Tom Steele

Jeanie, you are amazing! You made a kilt that I had in my mind and was able to take the ideas and really make it happen. Very nice!

Your work is wonderful. Nice touch of art and garment in one. Well done and thanks for making it happen.

Thanks Jeanie!

—Bob Gilmore, Shelton, CT

"I wore (my Anima Kilt) to an event this weekend and I can't tell you how many people commented on what a terrific kilt I was wearing! I loved it the minute I put it on, and, as far as I can tell, a lot of others do too!

Someone said I looked, "Freakin' hot in that kilt!" Can't ask for better than that! Just thought you should know.


—David, Anima Kilt

"I received my kilt today. I gotta say I could NOT be more ecstatic. It looks absolutely amazing and fits perfectly. I LOVE IT!

I also want to say it has been an absolute pleasure to do business with you. The personal touch you and your staff have given is something special.

There is no doubt I will be back. Please keep up the great work and have a wonderful day!"
—Kyle, Stainless Steel Armored Kilt


"The kilt has fulfilled my every wish, really.

The leather feels so nice, the workmanship is great, the little things like the backings you placed on the rivets are great. And wow! That custom Alt.Kilt label on the back looks fantastic.

The pocket design was different than I initially imagined but I like your interpretation BETTER, it really just works very well. I know Melanie told me you put your heart, sweat and blood into this and it really shows.

Though words are often fake and hold alternative meaning, in this circumstance I trust you will accept a Thank You that comes from deep inside. I mean it. You are an awesome lady."
—Joe, CA


"I received my Alt.Kilt in the mail yesterday and I'm bowled over by the quality and craftsmanship.

I put it on straight out of the box and found that the fit was perfect. I haven't been this pleased with the fit of a kilt since I received one that was tailor made in Scotland. The quality of the fabric is outstanding: it is rugged without being uncomfortable, and is a delight to touch.

My wife had ordered the Steampunk pockets for me for last Christmas, and they look splendid with the Olive Drab with Gears I just received.

I intend fully to order another Alt.Kilt in the future, and look forward to the possibility of designing my own custom creation.

Keep up the good work!"
—Harry, RI


"When I returned home following a long day/week/year, I found my custom kilt had been successfully delivered by post.

Tried it on and have since been traipsing around my living room in it! Fits pretty much perfectly. I am exceedingly well-pleased. I intend to spin fire poi while donning it at an L.A. event this weekend.

Thanks much for your craftsmanship and diligence—much appreciated. Here's looking forward to my growing Alt.Kilt collection!"

—X[-tina Sheldon]


"Just thought I'd let you know that the kilt arrived safe and well here in Down-Under land.

Jeanie, I must say that I am flabbergasted at the quality of the build and comfort level of the AltKilt. I have a number of traditional tartan kilts and one mocker from Utilikilt, and yours is up there with the best of the tartan ones."
Mike, AUS


"My black and red kilt arrived this weekend and I got to wear it out all day and all night! Love it.

It fits like a dream. It's snug and warm. Most importantly, it created something of a stir wherever I went. Especially the logo (Kilted for Kids' Cancer) too. I ended up explaining it several times.

Once again, very excited and totally impressed."


"I received my new kilt yesterday and was very excited to open the package.

I had never worn any type of kilt before but had always admired them on other people, especial the new casual cotton type. The kilt you made me fits perfectly and feels fantastic to wear.

It was a shame to have to take it off at the end of the day.

I am a definite convert and will have to order another in a different color before my family gets sick of seeing me in the same thing all the time.

I must thank you all very much for your quick and prompt service and replying to my emails. Your website is fantastic and so easy to use.

I wish Alt.Kilt great success in the future."

—Russel, New Zealand


"The camo kilt was nothing but one HUGE COMPLIMENT after another. The remarks were:

"I've seen kilts like that, but not one like that! It's amazing."

"It's such a man kilt, not like other camo kilts I've seen."

I explained your company and how you take into regard the individual person, as opposed to other places which mass produces kilts with no individuality.

I was proud to be wearing your kilt and frankly, you should be VERY PROUD of the product you create."
—Dwayne, Toronto


"The kilt arrived today. It is beautiful and far exceeds what I expected. Thank you so much, I love it."
—Lee, UK


"I could not be happier. The cut, workmanship and above all customer service was more than I could have hoped for.

I have no hesitation about recommending your products, service and business ethics to anyone who will listen to me.

Thank you again and I look forward to receiving the next one."
—Aaron, AUS

"I received my kilt yesterday. It is fabulous and was worth the wait. Thanks for the great attention to detail."


"This may not be such an issue outside the traditional kilt community, but look at any number of thread on "modern kilts." You will see that lots of complaints in regards to cotton and the propensity to wrinkle and not hold pleats well.

Well let me tell you, my wine Alt Kilt Classic has just gotten better with age.

When I first received it it was a little stiff but I liked that as it was heavier and I thought it would hold up. Now that I have owned it several months and washed it a few times it is incredibly comfortable to wear and continues to require little maintenance.

Pretty close to wash and dry. Attaching clothespins for weight on the edges of the creases and hanging to dry works well."

—Joe, WA

"Great look, well made, comfy, tough fabric. Hey men, be adventurous and try one. You will never want to wear anything else. I swear!"

—Louis, Canada

"I just want to take the time to thank the gang over at Alt Kilt!

I get so many looks. They are impressed with the level of work, and the quality of my kilt!

Thank you Alt Kilt. U rock!"
—Don C., Toronto

"I got my kilt - AWESOME!!! Fit is great and the color/buttons are sharp looking. It's a bit cold yet here in New Mexico, but seriously can't think of wearing anything else right now. Heck, that's what wool socks were made for right?? Wanted to send you the note saying received and pleased. "


"I heard about Alt.Kilt through a friend and loved what I saw. I decided to surprise my Husband with a kilt for Father's Day.

Even with short notice, you did a beautiful job!

He loved the kilt and knowing that I had gotten it so affordable made a double hit! He loves how sturdyit is. He's already worn it, gotten compliments and passed on your name.

It took some getting used to the back pocket for his wallet. He's so used to not having it on a kilt. He LOVES it!

"I just got the steampunk kilt in the mail today and wanted to let you know it's amazingly cool.
I've been avoiding the kilt thing for a while, but your design definitely changed my mind on that."