Ladies' Traveling Skirt


The Ladies Traveling Skirt is made of 100% heavy cotton and sports a map fabric insert. It's decorated with Treasures of Travel (see description).

Features includes:
• Antique Brass and Leather Accents
• Small Watch Pocket (Right Hip)
• Pocket with Rotary Clasp (Left Hip)
• Unique Closure with Chain and Keys (Button Front)
• Treasures of Travel: Small Compass Rose, Bits of Carved Bone, Wood Hanging off Decorative Brass

The length measurement can be however long you want it to be - anywhere from knee length to floor is possible - so please disregard the notes under the length box (that is strictly for kilts).

The six-button front, standard on our kilts, is the default front closure.

If you would prefer the key closure shown in these photos, please choose the option below. There is a small upgrade charge.

Availability: This is a custom-sized, made-to-order kilt and will take roughly 6 to 10 weeks to ship (unless the "Rush fee" is added).

Price: $380.00

Please select a color from the standard list, or contact us first for special requests.

Put on a pair of good fitting jeans and run a cloth tape measure though the belt-loops. Don't pull it tight, just match it up to the closure of the pants.

Please remove your wallet from your back pocket before taking the hip measurement. If no measurement is given we will use our default guielines.

Kneel on the ground and measure from the top of your jeans waist band to the floor.

Decorative swoops of chains, charms and keys.